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This is the documentation page for AmariBot. If you are unable to find the information you're looking for, please join our support server.

Reporting Issues

If you're having an issue with the bot, you can check Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are unable to find a solution there, you can join our support server and ask for help there.


If you have feedback for new features or improvements, you can join our support server, and send a message there. We regularly check the server for feedback and improvements.


Do not use <>[]|* etc when using the commands
Aliases: <one/two> means you need to use either one or two as the argument Optional: * means you do not necessarily need to enter an argument Required: <one> means you must use the given argument for this command Many: <one/two/three...> Means you must select one out of the multiple arguments Additionally, in specific commands you can use variables which allow you to easily mention channels, roles, users etc. For example, when setting up announcements you can use the following variables: {role} - Mention the role (@AmariBot) {user} - Mention the username (AmariBot) {user.tag} - Mention the users tag (AmariBot#5150) {user.ping} - Mention the user (@AmariBot) {level} - Mention the users new level (10)
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